Gaspésie Sauvage

Gaspésie sauvage, a business obviously situated in Gaspésie, offers only wild products; edible plants, mushrooms, flowers, berries, seeds, seaweed, … fresh and dried, all collected directly from their natural environments.

They practice a sustainable picking, which means they don’t pick dozens of tons of forest products. They just take what they need. They use the forrest, they don’t exploit it. Their pickers are primarily from Québec, but this can vary depending on the species they are collecting and their respective picking season.

Most of their pickers are land owners picking on their own land. They always deliver the best quality, whether in bulk or retail.




Poulet des Voltigeurs

In 1958, Denise Turcotte set up a stall to sell farm products, including chicken from different producers. When she married Georges Martel, who became an integral part of the small business, a slaughterhouse was added. Business grew, prompting the couple to transfer their slaughterhouse to the new family home.

In 1966, the farm’s first hen house was built—chickens used to come from other producers. Three years later, the company’s focus was on chicken breeding/slaughter and fresh produce farming. A year later, it formally became Voltigeurs Farm. A second slaughterhouse was added in 1974 and, in 1979, the company was licensed to sell its chickens throughout Quebec, in keeping with HACCP slaughter standards.

The farm is always aiming higher and diversifying. Foregoing fresh produce in favour of grain corn, Voltigeurs Farm adopted a rigorous process to define each step involved in producing vegetable grain-fed chicken with no animal by-products. The great taste and nutritious qualities of its chicken soon made Voltigeurs Farm a popular choice among food-lovers and health-conscious consumers throughout Quebec and Ontario.





Established in 1959 in Montreal, Montpak built its reputation as a family owned quality driven processor of a full range of veal products. In 2006, Montpak merged with Bellivo Transformation, another family owned veal processor, to form Montpak International which today has become the leading veal and lamb processor in North America. In addition to the North American markets, their global reach extends to many international markets.

They operate one of the largest federally inspected, HACCP accredited slaughter facility for veal and lamb in North America as well as a federally inspected, HACCP accredited state of the art transformation plant also certified SQF (Safe Quality Food).

Humanely Raised: Their calves and lambs are raised in protective enclosures with excellent air circulation, natural sunlight, and temperature control, with easy access to water in order to allow the animals to move around freely. Animal technicians, in collaboration with veterinarians, monitor every aspect of animal care.




Groupe Robitaille – Porc de Nagano

For Groupe Robitaille, owner of Lucyporc and pork producer since two generations, the adventure of Nagano’s brand started in 1997. Wanting to fill the request of a Japanese client, whom was looking for a high end product with specific quality standards, Groupe Robitaille created Nagano brand.

That’s how the family business started selling a meat with:

  • A more pronounced marbling
  • A pinker flesh
  • A whiter and firmer fat/li>
  • A better water retention during cooking
  • An unmatched taste and tenderness

The breeding:

Lucyporc’ Nagano porks are fed with a precise mix of grains which, added to soy and corn, includes barley and wheat. No meat flour or ractopamine added. Thus, every Nagano pork follows the same specific feeding program.

All Nagano porks are raised and transported following superior standards, aiming to reduce the animal’s stress. Even the pieces cuts are made according to a unique process which is not automated: it’s entirely done by hand, contributing to the high quality of offered meat pieces.

Aged product, for more taste:

Thanks to the production technique, the product can benefit, just like the beef, from an aging phase. This period of about ten days allows, among other things, to increase the taste.





Norref is the leader for fish and seafood in the province of Quebec. Norref is IGA’s supermarkets exclusive supplier and also distributes its products to grocery stores, Loblaws, restaurants, professional culinary schools, fish markets, institutions and hotels. Thanks to its state-of-the-art, 40,000-square-foot distribution centre, the company can quickly deliver the freshest products throughout Quebec.

To ensure fish and seafood product variety and quality, Norref sources its supplies from all over the world in accordance with very stringent selection criteria. Over time, the Norref brand has become a symbol of outstanding quality.

The company’s Ocean Wise and Sea Choice green certification enables consumers to purchase sustainable products that are fish-habitat friendly. We are also certified “Chain of Custody” by the Marine Stewardship Council.




Domaine du Ridge

In spring 1996, Denis Paradis decides to plant his first vines. Owner of a farm in Saint-Armand since 1978, he plants overs 2000 ceps of Sevyl blanc. Over the years, new grapes have been added so that Domaine du Ridge now counts over 55 000 ceps, making it one of the most important vineyards in Québec.

The vines are planted in the north-south axis in order for them to benefit from the sun all day long. Moreover, the region enjoys the exceptional climatic influence of the Vallée de Champlain. Rotating between the summer heat and the freezing winter weather, Quebec’s climate allows local wines to be fresh and light.

The fields’ production methods, the special attention during harvest and the processes, respecting the highest production levels, contribute to the elaboration of unique products, with the distinctive aromas of Saint-Armand’s land.





A pioneering Quebec vineyard in its field, l’Orpailleur planted its first vines in 1982 in the beautiful Dunham Valley. The story of this domain’s wine brings us to the land of an ancient farm near Route 202. That is where Frenchmen Hervé Durand and Charles-Henri de Coussergues, as well as their Quebec counterparts Frank Furtado and Pierre Rodrigue, decided to embark on a career in the world of vine growing. Instead of getting discouraged by Quebec’s sometimes harsh winters, they saw a fruitful challenge. Throughout the years, they have managed to perfect a method which allows them to bring quality Quebec wine to the consumer’s table.

“L’Orpailleur” means goldseeker and was borrowed from famous poet Gilles Vigneault. According to him, the Orpailleur is the one who cleans the alluvial gold to extract, with time, science and patience, the gold flakes in it. That’s how, for the first time in Québec, winegrowers put the science, patience and time needed to extract from Québec’s land a dry and unique wine from a locally planted and harvested grape, vinified in the vineyard, in the best tradition.




Vignoble Carone

CARONE is a limited-production, premium estate winery located along the St. Lawrence River in the Lanaudière valley, Quebec’s fastest developing wine growing region. CARONE currently offers its wines under four product brands – VENICE, DOUBLE BARREL, BIN 33 and VERITÀ.

From grape to glass, our people are insanely progressive and very hands-on! We obsess over quality in order to create some of Quebec’s most powerful and precocious wines.

CARONE is proud to be recognized as the first Quebec winery to receive international medals for its red wines and is on the wine lists of the Province’s top restaurants.

CARONE wines are sought out worldwide by consumers who appreciate our relentless devotion to perfection, outside the bottle thinking and commitment to quality.




Léon Courville / Domaine les Brômes

Domaine Les Brome is Léon Courville’s dream. A wine enthusiast and lover of land and nature, this collector and former board chair of the first commercial wine website acquired a plot of land in Fulford in 1981. Beguiled by the extraordinary view from the property, he gradually acquired some of the neighbouring plots, piecing together what has become today a magnificent 350-acre estate.

They embrace the principles of reasoned agriculture, which advocates the sparing use of products to control weeds and diseases, forswearing insecticides.

They do everything possible to nurture their grapes, choosing the right methods to transform them into high quality wines.




Brasseur de Montréal

Montreal Brewing Co. offers premium beers, made by brewing experts using top-of-the-line equipment. A winning recipe that ensures the beers are balanced, a pleasure to drink and will satisfy the most discerning palates.

Montreal Brewing Co. is a principle-centered, environmentally respectful and socially conscious company committed to crafting thirst-quenching, flavourful, high-quality beers and food for the enjoyment of its customers. The management aspires to maintain its status as a premier craft brewery in Montreal and is dedicated to uncompromising service, continuous improvement, and innovative consumer education.




Ungava Premium Dry Gin

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin originates in the Northern frontier, where the vast Canadian tundra meets icy seas. Its particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, native to the Arctic region, from which it is made.

Handpicked in the wild during the fleeting summer season, then infused the traditional way, they are handcrafted into an authentic gin with a unique taste to the delight of adventurous amateurs and connoisseurs alike.